Farmer’s Market

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The weather is right and Farmer’s Market is in full swing. I will be at the Farmer’s Market on Thursday nights 4:00pm – 8:00pm located on 10th street in Modesto next to the Gallo Center for the Arts. I will be selling chocolate dipped strawberry pops, cupcakes and other treats so come stop by for your next sugar fix or just to say hello.

Make Your Bridesmaid’s Feel Special

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Recently, I had a client ask for a dessert that would be extra special for a small bridesmaids luncheon she was hosting. I immediately thought these cakes would be perfect, individual size, to make each guest feel special and customizable to fit any theme. First I started out with individual sized cakes then I covered them with fondant to give the dress a smooth finish and ruffled the bottoms to add movement. I then piped the hangers out of chocolate and cut the bodice out of fondant. Lastly, added the sugar pearls for embellishment. These cakes turned out beautifully and just perfect for an intimate bridesmaid luncheon.

Wedding season is upon us!

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In the spirit of the season I recently filled an order for my beautiful wedding dress sugar cookies. These particular cookies were favors for a bridal shower with the colors of peach and silver. For this order I made a double batch of my sugar cookie dough and chilled the dough for 4 hours. Then to roll out the cookies I used a metal table, which holds a cool temperature well and makes rolling and cutting the dough a snap. Next I iced on the dress and working meticulously I added the beaded detail and lastly the peach colored rose. Finally, I packaged them individually and tied on a coordinating ribbon. Viola! they were ready to be displayed then devoured.


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Welcome to the Sweet on the Inside blog. Please check back soon.